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Creating a portfolio site for my bro

Jun 21, 2022

I am a bit overdue in writing this one, but I'm sure that only matters to me since I'm the only person paying attention to this blog. My brother came to me a while back to ask for help styling some items on his squarespace site, and of course I volunteered to just redesign it from the ground up. Ever seen the old SNL bad idea jeans commercial? But seriously, I thought it would be great practice, and would hopefully bolster my portfolio, which I still need to do, but that's another story….

It's a little late now, but I am building the site live on Netlify and Vercel. I have already hooked up most of the functionality, so now the only purpose it would serve would be to watch how the styles come together.


I had recently discovered the SSG Next.js, and made the somewhat arbitrary decision the use that as my framework. A few things that influenced my decision were:

I had to implement a few custom components for Andy's site. The <RenderVideo /> and <RenderImage /> properties are quite similar. You can probably imagine what they do. I used these inside a <RenderMedia /> component that used .map() to loop over my data, first it checked whether the file is a video or image, then used that specific component to render them onto the page as a gallery.

The second more challenging component was the <RenderMusic />. I shamelessly stole from a great youtube tutorial from @selfteachme. I am not going to get into the details, but it is a great tutorial on creating a custom audio component in React.

Most of the other code is pretty run of the mill, and probably betrays my inexperience, check it out here if you like.😓

Once I get some more done I'll try to update this post.

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